IBRG usually holds two meeting per year. The Spring meeting is usually held at Vila Lanna in Prague, Czech Republic and the Autumn meeting is usually arranged by one of the member organisations of IBRG. The format of the meetings are as round-table discussions rather than a conference-style presentation format. Each of the working groups hosts a session under the coordination of the chairman and technical secretary of the group. Details of upcoming meetings are shown below. Both members and non-members are welcome.

IBRG Autumn Meeting (Switzerland)
Ref: IBRG 2/24
5th November 2024 - 7th November 2024
Sanitized AG
Documents available for download:
Tuesday 5th November 2024 (Function Fluids followed by Dry-State Group) Wednesday 6th November 2024 (Treated Articles followed by Plenary) Thursday 7th November 2024 (Wet-State Group)
IBRG Spring 2024 On-line Meeting
Ref: IBRG 01/24
22nd April 2024 - 25th April 2024
Documents available for download:
Monday 22nd April (Dry-State Group). Tuesday 23rd April (Treated Articles). Wednesday 24th April (Functional Fluids). Thursday 25th April (Wet-State Group).
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